Monday, April 14, 2008

The End For Couric??

The New York Times is reporting that Katie Couric is set to leave her job at CBS earlier than expected...Way earlier. Originally Couric was contracted to anchor The Evening News into 2011. Now there are reports that she will depart CBS in February after the presidental elections. There have even been reports that she could go as early as two weeks.

The evening news shows have been losing popularity at hurricane wind like pace. CBS with the addition of Couric has had record low audiences. But is it because of Couric or is it because there is simply no audience for the that type of news venue.

It's hard to tell if Couric made a mistake by leaving the Today Show. It's hard to tell if anyone really cared. The Today show has not suffered much in terms of ratings and the other reporters on the show don't really seem to miss her. I liked her, but I like Meredith Vieira just as much. Vieira seems more comfortable and natural in the position anyway. If I were Couric I would go to my upper East Side Mansion and have my millions of dollar bills consol me.

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